February 21, 2013 in Life, Style

Do you ever wonder how celebrities make mass market fashions look like designer duds?   For example, do you remember the 1996 Academy Awards when Sharon Stone was sporting a black turtleneck by the Gap?  In 2010, Natalie Portman arrived to the New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend wearing a $39.99 dress from Target.  How many times has First Lady Michelle Obama attended an event wearing an outfit from J. Crew?

Here are 5 simple tips on how to make your mass market finds look like you spent a whole lot more on them:

  1. Ironing – I know it is everyone’s least favorite household chore to do and many people don’t even own an iron anymore.  However, ironing can take your look up to a whole new level.  Taking care that your garments are smoothly pressed and crease free will make the fabrications look a lot more expensive.
  2.  Add a Dash of Designer – Be cautious how you assemble your outfit.  Mix up your labels and if you are wearing a tee from the bargain bin, pair it with a hot pair of shoes or a pretty piece of jewelry.  Mixing higher end pieces in with your discounted items makes it difficult for anyone to notice which ones are less than superior.
  3. Alterations – Fit is everything.  Even the most expensive labels won’t look great if they don’t fit right.  Take a few extra dollars and have your garments personally fitted by a professional seamstress.  Fit is one of the reasons women and men spend so much on designer pieces.
  4. Hand wash & Dry Cleaning – Many mass market styles are not constructed of the best fabrications.  Taking care of them while laundering will help to give them a longer life.  I seldom use the dryer for knits.  Knits have a tendency to shrink or loose their shape when thrown in the dryer.  I am also a huge fan of bulk dry cleaning for my lower priced pieces.   There are many dry cleaners now that will only charge $2 or $3 an item.  This is a great way to help your pieces look best all season.
  5. Hair & Make up – Remember to take care of yourself.  The better you look, the better your outfit will appear.  It doesn’t matter how much you spend on an outfit, if your hair and face aren’t cared for, your clothes won’t look good.


  1. cat says:

    try a steamer – so much easier and more fun than ironing. i keep my plugged in all the time.

  2. cfitz says:

    What dry cleaners do you know in the Fairfield area that charge $2-$3 per item. I’d like to go! Thank you.

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