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As a mother it may be difficult to decide what proper traveling attire is best for you. Comfort is always the main focus of your outfit, however, being confident in a chic look can be achieved as well! Read more »

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Trending this summer is African Black Soap, a unique product thats versatility and all natural ora make it a must have for this season! I was first introduced to this product by a close friend, and after months of use and positive results, I cant get enough! It has given me much stronger and thicker hair, along with an amazing natural glow to go with my summer tan. Now, I am so confident in my new skin, thanks to Black African Soap! Read more »

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When it comes to giving gifts, I love planning ahead to figure out the perfect surprise.  However, Father’s Day seems to be the holiday that I always fall short.  (Sorry Matt!)  With the calendar being filled with end of the school year activities, dance recitals, spring sports parties and not to mention our wedding anniversary and hubby’s birthday, Father’s Day doesn’t receive the attention that it deserves.  Read more »

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Summer vacation is arriving soon, accompanied by exasperating heat waves and humidity. Being a mother the season can be stressful, having to rush the kids to outdoor activities, then not always having enough time to create a well put together look. However, there is a solution despite all of the chaos, and that solution can easily be found in your own closet.  Read more »

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It has been a busy time at Making Over Momma.  Since January we have been working on TV segments, researching fashion trends in NYC at trade shows such as Coterie & Intermezzo and partnering with Ehow.com for a series of “How to” fashion videos.  To assist in keeping all of these balls in the air, I have been fortunate to bring on board Victoria Cassone to be an intern with Making Over Momma for the summer.  Victoria, a junior at University of Alabama, will be sharing her thoughts on how Moms like us can look trendy while still keeping an age-appropriate appearance.  Keep an eye out for her 1st blog entry coming later this week that will be showing us how neutrals are a key trend for summer.


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Ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts

I love receiving flowers from my hubby but it drives me crazy how inflated the prices are at Valentine’s Day.  I decided this year to put together some fun other options that will last longer than a week.  You may be thinking, “Great but how does my significant other learn about these ideas”.  I find that there is nothing wrong with dropping heavy hints.  I have actually been known to print out pictures of items I love and have written on them the location that they can be purchased.  I love the line, “If you don’t ask, you won’t get”.  After 15 years of marriage, it turns out, Matt prefers when I leave these hints.  It makes his life easier.

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When it comes to buying cosmetics, there are certain products I like to splurge on and others that I am comfortable buying at my local drugstore.  Mascara is one of the products that for years I have bought when shopping at CVS or Target.  My favorite is The Colossal Volum’ Express by Maybelline in classic black which runs about $7.00.  Since my lashes are lighter in color and not very thick, I prefer a mascara that adds volume over length.  Throughout the time that I have been wearing this mascara, I have received several compliments on my lashes so I like to assume it is doing the job. Read more »

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I feel like I am always looking for that perfect tank top or camisole that works under everything.  One that is long enough so when I bend down nothing peeks out and one that doesn’t squeeze you in certain places that excess skin spills out the sides or top.  Recently I connected with Kristen at SNUG Camisoles.  She suggested that I try their product and sent me the Bra Friendly Tank to try out.

I was thrilled to find that the bra friendly tank was long enough even for me who has an usually long torso.  The fabric is a nylon spandex blend which has good body to it.  It smoothes without squeezing which gives a great exterior polished look.  At $36 and in a rainbow of colors, this is definitely a must have to add to your wardrobe.

Photos courtesy of Reggo Wilson from Reggo of New York Photography 
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After the beautiful weather last weekend, I have definitely caught spring fever!  Being that it is Friday I thought it would be a great day to share some hot heels that won’t break the bank.  Whether you are in the mood for a sexy date night sandal or a great wedge for those maxi dresses, there are some great options in the market this spring.  As always, there is a link attached to each photo for your time saving shopping.

Strappy High Heel Sandal by Zara $89.90

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Have you ever noticed another woman’s outfit and thought how perfect they looked if only … Last Saturday morning I was at my usual 7:30am cycling class.  As I adjusted all of my settings on the bike and began to warm up, an ‘almost’ impeccably dressed woman chose a bike just in front of me.  She had obviously spent a good deal on her stylish work out attire, dressed head to toe in shades of charcoal grey.   Read more »